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Robert Jaso is an award winning fashion, beauty, skincare & hair-care photographer based in Paris. Originally from Slovakia, Robert reconvert himself from a model to a photographer and he did it pretty well, always working with the best Hair/Make up and Stylist crew. Robert has a pretty impressive portfolio and he has work with the biggest magazines and brands worldwide.

Robert Jaso moved to France with his family at the age of five and fell into the fashion world by accident when he was spotted by a booker. This started a successful 10-year stint in front of the cameras as a model. A decade is a quite some time for a model, so when Jaso was looking for a change and something with more longevity, photography seemed like the next obvious step in his career. Having already had such an amazing first-hand look into how the fashion industry works, Jaso then spent several years working on and refining his own signature style that can now be seen in magazines around the world.


Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Madame, Icon, L'oreal, Wella, Schwarzkopf, Shiseido, Smolensk Diamonds, De Beers and Others